Feinstein: After Hearing The ISIS Plan From John Kerry, "I Don't Think The Approach Is Sufficient"


Senate Intelligence Committee member Dianne Feinstein joins CBS's John Dickerson to discuss Secretary John Kerry's testimony about how to defeat ISIL.

JOHN DICKERSON, CBS NEWS: You had been skeptical of the administration's approach. did the briefing from sector to kerry make you think that that approach is sufficient to the job at the moment?

SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN: I don't think the approach is sufficient to the job. I think they are general principles,and the general principles in terms of the administration strategy, too, but...

I'm concerned that we don't have the time. And we don't have years. We need to be aggressive now because ISIL is a quasi state.

ISIL has 30,000 fighters, it's got a civil infrastructure, it's got funding. It's spreading in other countries, it's a big, big problem. Now what you see I think in other places is a competition developing from other terrorist organizations. But ISIL is something apart. It's enormously strong, it has to be dealt with in a very strong manner.

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