Paul Ryan: Obama "Playing Politics" Over Refugees Is "Remarkably Unpresidential," Pause Flow Until They Can Be Checked Properly


House Speaker Paul Ryan said President Obama has been ‘playing politics’ with the issue of Syrian refugees while lawmakers reach across the aisle to try to form an agreement to pause the flow until they can be checked properly.

HOUSE SPEAKER PAUL RYAN: I think he is playing politics, it is remarkably unpresidential. I don't for the life of me understand this. He just said he was going to veto our bill putting pause to the refugee program, I can't imagine why he would do that...

We know ISIS wants to infiltrate the refugee program, that is clear, so we need to put a pause on this program, and have higher standard placed upon it, so we can verify on a peson by person basis, every single refugee... If we can't prove that, they can't enter.

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