Bashar al-Assad: ISIS Didn't Start In Syria, "Established Under American Supervision In Iraq"


In an interview with Italian media on Wednesday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad blamed the West for the rise of ISIS, saying that Hillary Clinton herself admitted that the terror group had its roots in the American occupation of Iraq, and that it had spilled over into Syria.

SYRIAN PRESIDENT BASHAR AL ASSAD: We feel for the French as we feel for the Lebanese a few days before that, and for the Russians regarding the airplane that's been shot down over Sinai, and for the Yemenis, maybe. Do they feel for the Syrians that have been suffering for five years from the same kind of terrorism? We cannot politicize feeling, feeling is not about the nationality, it is about the human in general...

According to what some American officials said, including Hillary Clinton, Al Qaeda was created by the Americans with the help of Saudi Wahabi money and ideology, and of course, many other officials said the same in the United States. And ISIS and al-Nuslra, they are offshoots of Al Qaeda. Regarding ISIS, it started in Iraq, it was established in Iraq in 2006 and the leader was al-Zarqawi, who was killed by the American forces then, so it was established under the American supervision in Iraq...

And the leader of ISIS today, who is called Abu Bakr-al-Baghdadi, he was in the American prisons, and he was put in New York in their prisons, and he was released by them.

So it wasn't Syria, it didn't start in Syria, it started in Iraq, and it started before that in Afghanistan according to what they said, and Tony Blair recently said that yes, the Iraq war helped create ISIS, so their confession is the most important evidence regarding your question.

Better video (unedited by CNN) with more context and transcript:

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