Trump on ISIS Strategy: "I Am More Disappointed In The Republicans Than The Democrats"


On the Tuesday night edition of his FOX News show, Sean Hannity asks Donald Trump if he would urge Congress to use their power to defund President Obama's efforts to relocate Syrian refugees to the U.S.

TRUMP: I'm a Republican, I'm a conservative. Nothing's happened since we took the Senate. Now we have the House, we have the Senate. Nothing's happened. It's the same exact story.

In fact, in a certain way, with all of his executive orders, Obama is doing better. We take the Senate, we have majorities, nothing happens. I'm almost more disappointed -- I'll take the word "almost" without I'm more disappointed in the Republicans than the Democrats. Because at least the Democrats, we know where they're coming from. The Republicans have done nothing. Look at the budget they just passed. They've done nothing.

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