ABC's Jon Karl vs. Ted Cruz Over Refugees: "No Muslims, Only Christians?"


ABC news reporter Jonathan Karl confronted Ted Cruz over his sponsorship of a bill to block refugees from Syrian who are Muslim as part of a package for "Good Morning America."

JON KARL, ABC NEWS: You say no Muslims, but we'll allow the Christians in, that's your position?

TED CRUZ: From middle eastern countries where ISIS and al Qaeda have control of significant parts of those countries.

JON KARL: You're saying no Nuslim, only Christians? Is that your position.

TED CRUZ: Jon, can you even say radical islamic terrorism. >>

JON KARL: I can. I'm asking your position. To be clear: No Muslims, only Christians?

Christians are different in the middle east number one because they are being persecuted and facing genocide that is qualitatively different. ISIS is crucifying--

KARL: Shia muslims are getting persecuted, anybody who is not with ISIS in Syria is getting persecuted.

CRUZ: But they're not in the same boat.

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