Kerry in Paris: Attack By "Psychopathic Monsters" An "Assault On Reason"


Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Paris on Monday to show American solidarity with France after last week's terror attacks. Speaking outside the U.S. Embassy's main building, he said, "this is a battle between civilization itself and barbarism and fascism." When he finished speaking, the building was illuminated in the French blue, white and red.

"We will never be intimidated by terrorists," Kerry said. "They are in fact psychopathic monsters and there is nothing, nothing civilized about them. So this is not a case of one civilization pitted against another. This is a battle between civilization itself and barbarism and fascism. Both at the same time."

"The violence, the terror, the senseless murder of 132 people, and injuring the hundreds more, including four Americans. This is an assault not just on France, but coming on the heels of brutal attacks in Lebanon, Iraq and elsewhere. It is an assault on our collective sense of reason and purpose," Kerry also said.

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