Ted Cruz: I Recognize That Barack Obama May Be Tired Of Defending This Country


Sen. Ted Cruz appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss the terrorist attacks in Paris.

SEN. TED CRUZ: I recognize that Barack Obama does not wish to defend this country, he may have been tired of war, but our enemies are not tired of killing us and they are getting stronger.

Every region on earth has gotten worse under the Obama-Clinton foreign policy. That doesn't mean we should be sending our sons and daughters to engage in nation-building, trying to turn Iraq into Switerland, that's not what our object should be.

But we need a commander in chief who will say: We will defeat Islamic terrorism.

What that would look like, number one, using overwhelming military power, particularly air power.

In the Persian Gulf War we had roughly 11,000 air attacks per day. Obama right now is doing 15-30 air attacks ot day. It is pin prick, photo op foreign policy.

Number two, we should be arming the Kurds... They are our boots on the ground, and yet Obama for political reasons -he doesn't want to upset Baghdad- he won't arm the Kurds.

In a Cruz administration we would be using overhwleming air power and the Kurds as our boots on the ground.

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