Trump on Deportation: "They're Here Illegally... They Have To Go," "It's Not Mean Spirited, It Is Business"


FNC's Bret Baier presses Trump for more specifics about his mass deportation plan.

DONALD TRUMP: If we do this job right, there shouldn't be any legal issue. There shouldn't be a big court situation, nobody knows legal situations better than Trump, I can tell you that, but we shouldn't have a big legal situation.

If they came in legally, that's fine.

When they come in illegally, that is a whole different story. They're here illegally, you take them, they have to go back.

BRET BAIER: Back in 2012, you criticized Mitt Romney's "self deportation" plan as crazy and mean-spirited, so is self-deportation crazy and meanspirited when compared to deportation?

TRUMP: No, I said it was crazy because it doesn't work... I want people to go out, and have to come in through the legal process...

It is not mean spirited, it is business. If people are allowed to come in and do whatever they want and stay as long as they want, you don't have a country. Everybody knows it.

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