Rand Paul: Rubio's Military Spending Will Leave Us "Hollowed Out By Debt"


GLENN BECK: You took on the military on the eve of Veterans day at a GOP debate, it couldn't have been more unikely to get applause, but I think you held your own, can you explain in greater detail what the point was...

RAND PAUL: I have become convinced that the debt problem in this country is the result of both parties and their sacred cows. They want unlimited spending for what they think is important. The right says the military is important, and I acknowledge, the military is important, the left also says that welfare is important, and so the guns and butter corwds gets together, they scratch each others' backs, and raise both.

I'm still reeling over what happened a week ago in the Senate -- I kept them up until 3 in the morning, they raised the spending in the budget and they busted the budget caps, but it was at the behest of members of the Republican party who want more military spending...

On the facts, I do win the argument, there has always been a sense of nationalism, I feel it in myself, I want America to be great and strong and nobody should dare to attack us, but at the same time, I don't want us to be hollowed out by debt.

I went straight at Marco Rubio because I don't think he is a conservative, he offered a trillion dollars with a T in new military spending, with no explanation as to how he will pay for it, and then he offered another trillion in Refundable Tax Credits, which is something that has a 20% fraud rate, I don't think we should be funding 25% fraud.

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