French President Hollande Closes French Borders: "It Is Clear These Are Terror Attacks"


Following a coordinated terror attack at multiple locations in Paris, France Friday day, President Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency and closed the countries' borders. At least 60 deaths have been confirmed and nearly 100 people have been taken hostage as of post time.

Hollande was in attendance at a soccer match between France and Germany as the attacks took place.

"He also mentioned that the French cabinet is going to convene in an emergency and is in Paris right now," a translator said of Hollande's press availability. "He has also decreed the state of emergency in the entire territory of France, the first time we see this measure taken since January attacks on Charlie Hebdo. "

"He closed borders from anyone entering or exiting France at this point. It might help the terrorists who might try to leave with massive intervention from law enforcement and the military," the translator said.

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