Ted Cruz Hits Rubio on Amnesty: He Voted Against My Border Enforcement Amendments "Over And Over"


Laura Ingraham asks Ted Cruz to respond to a soundbite of Marco Rubio saying we need to secure the border, then do a pathway for citizenship for illegal immigrants. Cruz explains Rubio's position on immigration during the "gang of eight" immigration fight in the Senate.

TED CRUZ: My reaction for all of politics is, talk is cheap. You know where someone is based on their actions...

We had an epic battle in Congress just a couple years ago... on the question of amnesty. And the argument that we need to secure the border first was an argument I made over and over and over again... all the other folks on the other side dismissed it, they said we were wrong headed and anti-immigrant for believing we should actually secure the borders.

I have a deep and genuine disagreement with that view, so look, the voters, when politicians sing the exact opposite of what they have done in office, I treat that with a pretty healthy degree of skepticism...

[Marco Rubio] opposed every single one of them. Every single amendment. I introduced an amendment to triple the border patrol...

To put in place a strong e-verify, a strong exit-entry system for visa overstays, and every Senate Democrat voted against it, and the sponsors for the gang of eight voted against it, all eight of them agreed to vote against every amendment that would strengthen the bill from an enforcement perspective...

The "Gang of Eight" voted as a gang.

Rubio, as a member of the 'gang of eight,' voted againt Cruz's amendments. "as a bloc, over and over again."

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