Cavuto vs. "Million Student March" Activist on Funding "Demands" Proposed: "There Will Always Be A One Percent"


National coordinator for the Million Student March Keely Mullen is stumped by FOX Business Network's Neil Cavuto on how she would fund "demands" to forgive over $1 trillion in student debt, free public college, and a $15 minimum wage for students employed on campus.

When quizzed on how she would pay for such a proposal, the student activist said she would have the one percent pay for it. Cavuto reminded her the tax rate of and how much tax increases those who make over $250,000 have faced in the last several years as well the possibility the wealthy decide to leave, like in Greece.

"There will always be a one percent," the student responded.

Mullen, a Sanders supporter, is a student at Northwestern University.

The awkward back and forth between the two and Keely's insistence the the one percent can pay for her demands and Cavuto's insistence if the wealth of all the one percent was confiscated it would still be impossible to continue to pay for any entitlements.

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