Trump: You're Going To Have A "Deportation Force," They'll Be Humane


Donald Trump, when pressed for specifics on his immigration plan, says "we're going to have a deportation force."

"And I always say the wall, we're going to build the wall. It's going to be a real deal. It’s going to be a real wall."

BRZEZINSKI: OK, conceptually, I understand what you're saying and what you’re describing. But still tell me the how. Are you going to have a massive deportation force?

TRUMP: You're going to have a deportation force, and you're going to do it humanely and you’re going to bring the country -- and, frankly, the people, because you have some excellent, wonderful people, some fantastic people hat have been here for a long period of time. Don't forget, Mika, that you have millions of people that are waiting in line to come into this country and they’re waiting to come in legally. And I always say the wall, we're going to build the wall. It's going to be a real deal. It’s going to be a real wall.

There was a picture in one of the magazines where they had a wall this tall and they were taking drugs over the wall. They built a ramp over the wall and the truck was going up and down. They were using it like a highway; the wall is like a highway. It's not going to happen. It's going to be a Trump wall. It’s going to be a real wall. And it's going to stop people and it's going to be good.

But your friend Thomas Friedman called me and said, hah, there should be a big door. I said going to be a big door. I love the expression. There's going to be a big beautiful nice door. People are going to come in and they’re going to come in legally. But we have no choice. Otherwise, we don't have a country. We don't even know how many people. We don't know if it's 8 million or if it’s 20 million. We have no idea how many people are in our country. And then you see what happened with Kate in San Francisco. You see what happens with all of the things going on, all of the tremendous crime going on. It costs us $200 billion a year for illegal immigration right now. $200 billion a year, maybe $250, maybe $300. They don't even know. We’re going to stop it. We’re going to run it properly and we’re going to stop it.

BRZEZINSKI: So people will face ramifications that they don’t leave, if they harbor them --

TRUMP: Will people will leave.

BRZEZINSKI: How are you going to pay for this?

TRUMP: Very inexpensively.

BRZEZINSKI: Are they going to get ripped out of their homes? How?

TRUMP: Can I -- they’re going back where they came. If they came from a certain country, they’re going to be brought back to that country. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Now they can come back but they have to come back legally. They can come back, but they have to come back legally.

And I have to tell you, so many are in love with it. The loudest applause last night at the debate was when I said this. Even I was surprised. But I mean, the place went wild.

Now, I’ll tell you the other thing. The people that like it more than anybody are the Hispanics that are here legally. There's a radio host in New York who was on the other day; they wrote a story about him. He says I can’t believe it. The Hispanics love Trump. Because he's talking about his listeners. They came here legally, they went through all of this long process. They came here legally, and he's talking about all the people that call up. It’s a Hispanic station -- they love Trump.

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