Brian Kilmeade to Marco Rubio: So Where Are You Going To Get That Trillion Dollars Rand Paul Says You Shouldn't Spend?


In last night's debate, Senators Marco Rubio and Rand Paul sparred over Rubio's plan for $1 trillion in new military spending. "Is it fiscally conservative to have a trillion-dollar expenditure?" Paul said last night. " Is it conservative to have $1 trillion in transfer payments -- a new welfare program that's a refundable tax credit? Add that to Marco's plan for $1 trillion in new military spending, and you get something that looks, to me, not very conservative."

FNC's Brian Kilmeade picks up where Paul left off...

BRIAN KILMEADE: So where you going to get the trillion dollars from that Rand Paul says you shouldn't be spending?

MARCO RUBIO: First of all, before we fund anything [else], the government should be funding national security. It is the most important obligation of the federal government, without it none of the other things matter.

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