Trump: "A Pyramid Is A Solid Structure," "You Don't Put Grain In A Pyramid, It Is All Solid"


During an interview with Meet The Press on Sunday morning, master architect and GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump took a moment to correct his closest challenger, esteemed brain surgeon and biblical scholar Dr. Ben Carson on the architectural structure of the interior of the Great Pyramid at Giza -- which is for some reason a topic of discussion in the 2016 election.

According to a recently rediscovered videotape from 1998, Carson one time posited a theory that the biblical patriarch Joseph was the one who built the Great Pyramid --a mystery even to the likes of Plato-- in order to store grain during the seven years of famine described towards the end of the Book of Genesis. Not surprisingly, this theory has garnered significant attention nationwide.

Trump, however, makes the groundbreaking observation that the Pyramid is in fact made almost entirely out of solid rock, except for a few small rooms and passageways, and would not be an efficient place to store anything larger than a mummy.

DONALD TRUMP: The pyramids. You know, a pyramid is a solid structure essentially, with a little area for the Pharaoh. And you don't put grain in a pyramid because it's all solid. You didn't have large structural beams in those days.

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