Carville: Rubio's The Only Hope And Republicans Know It


On Wednesday's broadcast of Bloomberg's With All Due Respect, Democratic strategist James Carville discusses what’s going on with Jeb Bush, whether Marco Rubio’s worth all the buzz and what surprises him about the Trump phenomenon.

"He is the only hope that they have that they don't get 45% of the vote, and they know it," Carville said of Rubio.

"He's the only Republican candidate who can get 45% of the vote?" Halperin asked.

"Yes," Carville said.

"So the only rational thing for the Republican party to do is nominate Marco Rubio?" Halperin asked.

"Yes," Carville said. "Because he hasn't said as many things as [other candidates] have. He doesn't have the same negatives that they do."

"Look, I think he can get 47 [percent]," Carville laughed.

"I don't think he can win, but he can get over 45 [in a general election]," Carville said. "Unless Romney got in or something."

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