David Brooks: If Trump Is Republican Nominee "I Will Have To Go To Canada"

(relevant portion starts @6:15)

Conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks threatens to move to Canada if Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee for president. Brooks appeared with Mark Shields in his weekly PBS' NewsHour segment.

DAVID BROOKS: They can’t nominate this guy. Major parties do not nominate people like Carson and Trump. These guys are so incompetent. Whenever the actual subject is running the country, they just disappear from the debates.

And I just have to feel — I have had no evidence for this. And I have said this for six months now, that they’re about to collapse.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Not that we’re keeping track. Not that we’re keeping track.

DAVID BROOKS: The emerald path will get to Oz, the curtain will come down, and Marco Rubio will emerge triumphant.


JUDY WOODRUFF: We have heard you mention this before.

But what about…

DAVID BROOKS: I think it will — I do think it will be Cruz and Rubio at the end of the day. I think Cruz will inherit the — and Republicans are really angry.

They think the country is going down the tubes. And so they have to express that somehow. They are expressing it now. And I think — but those voters will eventually wind up with Cruz, and then the mainstream voters will wind up with somebody like Rubio or Kasich or who knows.

But I just can’t imagine. A major American party doesn’t nominate Donald Trump. I just can’t believe it. I will have to go to Canada after that.


JUDY WOODRUFF: But what about Mark’s point about — you get to react. But what about Mark’s point about — some of the candidates were asked questions, and then it turns out later what they said didn’t hold out? So, what about…

DAVID BROOKS: Yes. There was the Carson moment with the dietary supplement thing.

They — I think the questioners were not prepared for the brazenness of the lies. Now, I don’t totally blame Donald Trump for not knowing what’s on his Web page. I can’t imagine he ever read his Web page. He’s not into that sort of stuff.

But there was a certain brazenness to it. And that’s been true of this year, that you — somehow, there is no political price.

I think that’s what Donald Trump — that is why he is a bit of a game-changer, because he has said eight million things that are normally disqualifying, but because the electorate is so angry, at least that part of the electorate, they say, well, you know, he says all this crazy stuff, but we need somebody who can really shake things up. So they are willing to tolerate it.

I still don’t think they are going to tolerate it at the end of the day. That’s my religion right now.

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