NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Endorses Hillary Clinton Over Bernie Sanders: "She Has A Complete Progressive Agenda"


NYC mayor Bill de Blasio officially endorses Hillary Clinton, and defends her from some actually tough questions about the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Hillary Clinton opposes (before she called it "the gold standard" of trade deals).

JOE SCARBOROUGH: She called it the "gold standard."

BILL DE BLASIO: She said very clearly, here is the standard I have to see met to protect American workers, and when she saw the product and it did not meet those standards.

SCARBOROUGH: We've got the tape if you'd like us to run it.

DE BLASIO: Here's the problem, Joe.

SCARBOROUGH: Mr. Mayor, I'm trying to compliment you, you would never flip flop like this. You don't flip flop like this. She flip flops. Are you concerned she is going to support your progressive values?

DE BLASIO: You're missing the forest for the trees...

I saw her take on the health incurance companies [in 1993]. Thayt's who she is, We saw it with our own eyes... With a lot of chances to cut and run, she stuck to it... This is a very sharp rpogressvie platform, I beleive she will follow through on it...

The candidate who I believe can fundamentally address income inequality effectively. the candidate that has the right vision and experience to get the job done is Hillary Clinton. I've seen her vision and platform develop over five months, I'm extremely pleased with what she's put on the table. But she has a history of fighting on the issues that convinces me...

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: What has taken you so long to get to this point? Because you could have done this a long time ago. But secondly, she's run into some problems with e-mails or this and that and things getting in the way of who she really is. Because I actually think sometimes when she's turned loose on her own, she's her best.

DE BLASIO: I know - I had the honor of being her campaign manager when she first ran for Senate. I know that when she speaks from her experience and she speaks about the changes we need, there is a powerful vision and authenticity there. I think what happened, very fairly at the beginning of the campaign, a lot of candidates say look, we're going to do this in stages. They don't announce their whole platform day one. I think it was also very fair for people all over this country to say wait, we need to see a vision for these times that's going to achieve the changes we need.

Next, Mark Halperin asks him to explain why Bernie Sanders can't accomplish this.

DE BLASIO: Bernie Sanders has done something very good for this country...

Bernie Sanders has moved the discussion of this country in a very productive way and we needed that...

MARK HALPERIN: I'd love you to explain to the Sanders supporters because a lot of people who support Bernie Sanders would say Bill de Blasio is more in line with my views and Bernie Sanders. Maybe look into camera three and say -- progressives, I'm endorsing Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders because.

DE BLASIO: Right. Hey, progressives—I'm supporting Hillary Clinton enthusiastically because we have to take on income inequality. It's the issue of our time. We have to restore the middle class and Hillary Clinton knows how to do it, will get it done and has a progressive platform that speaks to all the changes we need, including progressive taxation—

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