John Kasich Explodes at GOP Rivals: "I've About Had It With These People" And Their "Nonsense"


Gov. John Kasich goes on the offensive during a rally in his hometown in advance of the third GOP presidential debate, criticizing policy proposals of other Republican candidates and vowing to balance the federal budget in eight years. "Do you know how crazy this election is?" Kasich yelled. "I've about had it with these people."

Not calling out anyone specifically by name, he referenced Trump, Carson and Bush's policies.

About Carson's Medicare plan: "Why don't we get a reality check on what the heck needs to be done in this country? Yeah, we can save Social Security, we shouldn't get rid of it, we can save Medicare and Medicaid," Kasich said.

"We have to pay no attention to the people who we hear whining about don't touch my program, we don't care about that. You know why? Because you come first and they come dead last. People that get in the way of progress come dead last in my career and in my life," Kasich said. "The people we're gonna lift are the people who go to work every day and play by the rules."

On Bush: "One of the candidates said he's known as Veto Corleone. He's so proud of the fact that he vetoes everything, you what vetoes are? Vetoes are a sign you can't get what you want," Kasich said.

"What has happened to our party? What has happened to the conservative movement?" Kasich asked. He added that he is "sick and tired of listening to this nonsense."

"If we turn this country over to somebody with wild ideas who thinks they can scream and bluster or operate their way to success, it's my kids that are going to be at risk, and your kids, and your grandchildren."

"I'm going to have call it like it is as long as I'm in this race," Kasich said. "I'm done with being polite and listening to this nonsense, and it's time we educate the American people about the consequences of very bad choices."

KASICH: Folks, we had better be careful we don't turn this country over to somebody who is not capable of running it.

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