Rand Paul: Bernie Sanders "Sounds Like Trump To Me," The Right Anger, The Wrong Solutions


Speaking with Glenn Beck, the Kentucky Senator says Bernie Sanders is right about some of the problems in America: "Sounds like Donald Trump to me. He has the correct anger, angry at Washington, but the policy may not exactly be there."

Rand Paul also accuses Paul Ryan of making a "secret handshake" deal to raise spending.

GLENN BECK: Last week, when we found out the House was going to go with Paul Ryan, I just about flipped my wig, maybe a lot, because I think the GOP is just hanging themselves. You put another guy in who is going to play the same game and block te liberty people, you are going to lose the presidential election.

To me, this is why people like Trump are, at this point, up at the top, because people are sick of the game, absolutely sick of the game. What do you think should happen in the House?

RAND PAUL: I've travelled the country, and what I hear from Republicans is the same things -- very unhappy. Republicans control the House, the Senate, and they are doing nothing. We have no exerted the power of the purse...

My question is, will the next speaker exert the power of the purse? He's got a chance, we have a debt ceiling, what are they going to do?


In 2011 we played this gambit and the president said he wouldnt negotiate with a gun to his head, but then it turned out he did negotiate, and we got the sequester. Which was an across the line slwoing down of the rate of growth of government, it wasn't even a cut. But you know who abandoned it? Paul Ryan.

They got together about a year and a half ago and the people on the right said we need more money for the military, and the people on the left said we need more money for welfare, and they got together and did the secret handshake, and we got more money for both.

But that means that Paul Ryan was instrumental in getting rid of the sequester.

My question now, do we really beleive he is going to use the debt cieling to get reforms?

Rand Paul takes on Trump and Sanders:

GLENN BECK: I watched the debate with the Democrats, and I listen to Bernie Sanders and think I have a lot in common with Bernie Sanders, none of it on policy, his solutions are hairbrained.

RAND PAUL: Sounds like Donald Trump to me. He has the correct anger, angry at Washington, but the policy may not exactly be there.

GLENN BECK: Bernie Sanders is talking about the way capitalism is being done is immoral. And he can make a good case for it, the way the crony capitalists are in with the people in Washington, the way Washington is being run is immoral.

RAND PAUL: The problem is, Bernie complains about crony capitalism and he kind of gets it right, but he equates it with all of capitalism, and promotes something called Democratic sociialism... There is nothing cool and nothing sexy about socialism, what there is is the implied force that goes along with taking away your choice. They tell you you can not make reindeer, cars... if you don't listen they fine you, if you don't pay the fine they imprison you... A majority can be just as bad as one single authoritarian.

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