Obama: We Shouldn't Immediately Pounce On Police And Draw Conclusions


In his keynote address at the 122nd International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference in Chicago on Tuesday, President Obama called out people "on both sides" who try to create a more polarized society after an incident involving a police officer and a suspect or victim. The president encouraged people not to "pounce" and immediately draw conclusions about police.

"Let's face it," President Obama said, "the media tends to focus on the sensational and the controversial and folks on both sides who say stuff that's not designed to bring people together but oftentimes makes a situation more polarized and as a society we tend to lurch from shock to complacency on these issues. And I'm suggesting we have to resist that impulse."

"With today's technology, if just one of your officers does something irresponsible, the whole world knows about it moments later. And countless incidents of effective police work rarely make it on the evening news," the president said to applause.

"It's important for us not to just pounce and jump on anything that happens and immediately just draw conclusions," Obama said. "We've got to resist the false trap that says either there should be no accountability for police or that every police officer is suspect no matter what they do. Neither of those things can be right."

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