Trump to Republican Establishment: Come At Me


MATT LAUER: There's a report in the A.P. that's gotten some traction over the weekend, Mr. Trump, saying that there may be an organized effort among your rivals and others in the establishment of the Republican party to take you down. A, do you think that that effort exists, and, B, what would you do to fight against it?

DONALD TRUMP: I don't know if it exists. It's possible that it exists. They probably should do it because, as you know, the poll just came out of New Hampshire where I'm at 38-12. I'm at 38 and Carson is at 12 and other guys are at 1, 2, 0, many people at zero. Many people at zero, they have nothing.

LAUER: You think they are banding together to take you down?

TRUMP: I think they probably will. They'll spend money. I think people know me. I just went upstairs, you saw the crowd we have, always crowds. People know me. you know, I've been a very public figure for a long time. People are tired. They are sick and tired of the incompetence and the incompetent leaders we have running our country -- and I don't think it will work, and I will say this, Matt --

LAUER: If you found out that those conversations were going on behind closed doors, would it make you reconsider your pledge on not running for a third-party nomination?

TRUMP: I don't think so because if you look at it that's probably politics and, you know, they're very embarrassed. Bush is develop embarrassed. Carson is very embarrassed by what happened to him in New Hampshire because he's getting killed in New Hampshire and plenty of other places. There are a lot of people that are very embarrassed and what I did, I'm self-funding my campaign and I ended all pacs.

I don't want any pacs and I'll ask these people on the show and over the weekend I said everybody should disavow their PACs because PACs are a swamp. The people that control the candidates are PACs.

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