Matt Lauer to Trump: Could You Be Exaggerating America's Problems To Get Elected?


Donald Trump participates in a town hall moderated by NBC's Today Show host Matt Lauer.

MATT LAUER, "TODAY" SHOW: I went back and read from your book, The Art of The Deal. You wrote this: 'I play to people's fantasies. I call it truthful hyperbole. It's an innocent form of exaggeration and a very effective form of promotion.' Would it be fair to say that that describes your campaign to date?

DONALD TRUMP: I don't think so.

LAUER: Is it an exaggeration and truthful hyperbole.

TRUMP: It could be and could be not. I'm just telling the facts. The facts are that we have a country that's going back, 100 million people in the workforce that can't work. Our real unemployment number is 22% to 30%. We have nothing but problems. We make incompetent deals with Iran. That deal is the most incompetent deal I've ever seen, not just between countries. I've never seen a dumber contract in my life.

Obamacare is a disaster. People's premiums are going up 55%. Their deductibles are so high that nobody is ever going to get to use it. We have a country that is in serious trouble, and I think that's why I'm leading in every poll because I will solve the problem.

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