Biden: If I Thought We Could Put Together A Campaign Our Supporters Deserve "I Would Have Done It"


Norah O'Donnell: It's been a big week. How are you feeling about this decision?

Vice President Biden: Ah. Good. It's the right decision for the family, it's the right decision for us.

Norah O'Donnell: Is it that you think you couldn't win or that you didn't want to run?

Vice President Biden: Couldn't win. I'll be very blunt, if I thought we could've put together the campaign that our supporters deserve and our contributors deserved I'll-- I would have gone ahead and done it.

Norah O'Donnell: But, why did it take you until Tuesday to figure that out? Tuesday night?

Vice President Biden: Because it took that long for us to decide as a family. Look, dealing with the loss of Beau, any parent listening who's lost a child, knows that you can't-- it doesn't follow schedules of primaries and caucuses and contributors and the like. It just-- you-- and everybody grieves at a different pace.

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