Hillary: I've Been Asked If I Would Be Paid The Same As A "Boy President"


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke Friday morning at the Democratic National Committee 22nd Annual Women's Leadership Forum National Issues Conference in Washington

HILLARY CLINTON: Millions of Americans are held back by student debt and at a time when more women than ever are the family's main breadwinners.

Too often, they still don't get equal pay. And women of color earn less than others.

And just this week the Department of Labor released new data showing that as our economy gets stronger, men's pay is going up more than twice as fast as women's pay.

One of my town halls in Nevada we called him a little on a little girl who was sitting with her for her and you never know what kids are going to ask you which is why I try to call on at least one if they are in my town hall.

She said if you are a girl president will you be paid as much as a boy president?

I said I think so. I think that's in the law.

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