Kristol: I Guarantee Donald Trump Won't Be Republican Nominee


On Thursday's edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe, Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol declared Donald Trump will not win the Republican nomination. Host Joe Scarborough challenged Kristol, reminding him he has been wrong many times in the past.

"We can show you a clip after clip after clip after clip of your incorrect predictions about Donald Trump and your prediction of its imminent collapse. Everybody's waking up to the fact he could win this thing," Scarborough said.

"He's not going to win," a confident Kristol argued.

"We don't know whether he is or not," Scarborough responded. "That's the mistake the media is making and the mistake you've been making. Maybe he does or doesn't. We don't know. What does the Republican establishment do at this point to stop Donald Trump. A man who has 48% is Massachusetts whose running away with it in Oklahoma, whose running away with it in Nevada. South Carolina and Connecticut in all demographic groups. How does the Republican establishment come together and stop that?"

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