Krauthammer: "This Was A Successful Attempt By Trump To Bait Jeb Into A Discussion Of His Brother's Administration"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Look, I think this was a successful attempt by Trump to bait Jeb into a discussion of his brother's administration. For Jeb, it's poison. Not because George W. was unpopular but because it takes him off topic. It takes him away from what he is going to offer. The one thing that an opponent would want in Jeb is to have to debate the family heritage.

Number one, it reminds people he's a Bush. That's one liability. Of the dynasty issue, the baggage, which is not his baggage but nonetheless attaches because of his name and I think Jeb went for it. Now, the reason he did is honorable. He wants to defend his family. And I think he had to do that. That's why I think it was a clever move. The one thing I want to say is what is Trump going to say next? Pearl Harbor happened on FDR's watch so, what, is he responsible? I don't understand the logic here.

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