Krauthammer: Benghazi Taking Longer Than Watergate Because Obama Admin and Clinton Are Stonewalling


Charles Krauthammer takes on the Democratic complaint that the Congressional investigation into Benghazi has gone on longer than Watergate.

BRET BAIER, "SPECIAL REPORT" HOST: On the Benghazi committee, we hear them say that today the Sate Department transferred 1300 pages of Chris Stevens, former late ambassador of Libya's emails, to the committee, just today, is quite something.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, FOX NEWS: It tells you why the Democratic complaint that this investigation has gone on longer than Watergate. Well the reason is that the State department, the Obama administration and Clinton have held back the facts. We've had seven investigations, and, yes, and they were done without her emails, without Stevens' email. Without her being interviewed by the board that she appointed. Of course, if you have other people stonewall you're going to have a drawn-out investigation. It has to be done, it will be done and I think if Trey Gowdy can hold it together we're going to learn something.

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