Biden: I Was "The Last Person In The Room On Every Major Decision" Obama Made: "We Were In Total Agreement"


Appearing at a forum honoring former Vice President Walter "Fritz" Mondale, Vice President Joe Biden cast himself as a VP who worked in lock-step with President Barack Obama. He is clearly positining for a campaign. "He said well what do you want: I said two things: I want to be completely honest with you, and argue with you if we disagree privately, and secondly I want to be the last person in the room on every major decision... and I didn't mean it figuratively, I meant literally."

"He asked my opinion on every cabinet member, and we were in total agreement, and a number of the cabinet members I knew better than the president knew, because I had worked with them so long... I spend, depending on the season, between 4-7 hours a day every day with the president, I attend every meeting the president has, at his request."

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