Trump: "Poor Woman" Hillary Clinton Following Communist Maniac Bernie Sanders In Giving Everything Away


At a campaign rally at the Richmond International Raceway in Richmond, Virginia last night, Donald Trump took a whack at Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, calling him a "socialist/communist."

"I watched Hillary last night with 'were going to get this and we are going to get that,'" Trump said. "The poor woman. She has to give give everything away because this maniac that was standing on her right is giving everything away so she's following. That's what's happening."

"This socialist/communist, okay?" Trump said to applause. "Nobody wants to say it."

"In all fairness to her, she's standing there listening to this guy. He's going to tax you people at 90%. He's going to take everything. And nobody's heard the term communist. But you know what? I call him a socialist/communist because that's what he is," Trump said to a boisterous crowd.

"So then you see her stand up, now it's her turn, and she goes, 'Oh, I'm going to do that too. I'm going to do that too.' Because you have to win. Because she's not doing so well. And in a head-to-head poll, they just did that, I beat her by 5 or 6 points. I love it. I love it," Trump said.

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