Trump: Many Women Are Making More Than Men For The Same Position At My Company, Pay Based on Competence


In an interview on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Donald Trump talks about pay inequality in the workplace and how he often pays women more than men in the same position because compensation is based on competence.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI, "MORNING JOE" CO-HOST: So we want to ask about your campaign. I know Joe is interested in the polls and Ben Carson. But I would like to ask you a question about certain woman who asked you questions. I believe she was a Jeb Bush volunteer, whatever. She asked you about equal pay.

And you said you would pay equal pay for equal work. And I know you probably do. But how do you make that happen in this country? Because we do have a problem with women making a lot less than men often, and on average --

SCARBOROUGH: When they do the same job.

BRZEZINSKI: Less for the same job.

TRUMP: But it’s also changing around, Mika, and it’s changing around fast. I gave an answer that was very well-accepted. And that was -- interestingly, that was plant by Jeb Bush, which is a pretty big plant, and it was interesting the anger that she had. That's why I figured something was a little strange.

BRZEZINSKI: I saw that.

TRUMP: She had tremendous anger and I watched and I actually got a lot of credit for the way I answered both questions. But right after that, everybody said she works for Jeb Bush. She works for Jeb Bush.

So he can't plant somebody in a room of 1,500 people, if he can't plant somebody, how's he going to do against China, Russia and Iran? I don’t think so good.

BRZEZINSKI: But, Donald let me -- so for this issue is something I study. And I understand that your answer might have been well-received in the room and I didn't necessarily have a huge problem with your answer.

TRUMP: Good. Accepted.

BRZEZINSKI: I just wanted to know how you would make sure that's happening, because I understand equal work for equal pay.

TRUMP: Well, you know, the marketplace is going to make sure of it, because I see it more and more. Women are being hired. And in fact, in many cases are being hired for more money than men based on their competence. And that’s what I say. I mean, very I said it very clearly. If they do the job, I have women that make more than men executives. I have numerous women, many men -- many men are unhappy because women in a similar position are making more than they are. And they work for me. They come to me and complain about it.

I mean I can say --

BRZEZINSKI: But that’s not the average, Donald.

TRUMP: I have it to a large extent the reverse in the Trump Organization and I think it's based on competence and based on the job they do, and that's the best way you can legislate.

(Transcript via MSNBC)

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