Hillary Clinton Says Currently Ungoverned Libya Is An Example Of U.S. "Smart Power At Its Best," Jim Webb Disagrees


Hillary Clinton defends the Obama administration's decisions in Libya, from toppling its government and killing its leader in 2011, to risking diplomatic personel in 2013, to supporting Egyptian and UAE bombings there even this year. "Our response, which was smart power at its best... is the U.S. will not lead this, we will provide capabilities that we have, but the Europeans and the Arabs have to be first over the line... I think President Obama made the right decision at the time."

After a follow up with Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb very nearly facepalms: "We had no treaties at risk, no Americans at risk...if people think it was a wise thing to do, try to get to the Tripoli airport today... you can't do it."

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