Krauthammer: McCarthy Handed Hillary "The Way Out" on Benghazi


Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer previews tomorrow's Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas.

KRAUTHAMMER: Look, I think [President Obama] is sort of covering for [presidential candidate Hillary Clinton] in some way. He wasn't a big defender of her, but he didn't want to make news in any way by either undercutting her openly or by defending her blindly. I think that was a little bit of an overstatement.

As for the other candidates, O'Malley has a lot to lose, an ambassadorship or a cabinet position. So, I don't expect he'll do it. They are not going to go after her on Benghazi and I don't expect they will go after her on the e-mails either. And the reason is McCarthy, I hate to say this, he handed her the way out. You simply have to say everybody knows, they've admitted it, that this is a partisan issue. There is nothing real here. People can follow that easily and have a harder time on the details of the e-mails.

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