Senator Rand Paul: Using Force, Drawing Red Lines in Syria Would Be A 'Recipe for Disaster'


On FOX News' Special Report, Senator and Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul discusses potential Syrian intervention and Putin's recent strikes on ISIS. 

RAND PAUL: Others have been saying we need to be prepared to use force against Russia. It's like, my goodness, we avoided that for seventy years in the Cold War--I don't think that's a good idea. Others are saying we need to draw a red line, we need to have a no-fly zone. That's a recipe for disaster, for either an accidental or purposeful shooting down by one country or the other. I think we have to work at how we got here. How did we get here? We used to have Saddam Hussein, a tyrant, who opposed Iran. He's gone now, Iran is stronger, Iran is now allied with iraq. Who gave flyover permission for Russia to go into Syria? Iraq. Who said today that they're inviting Russia and want Russia to attack ISIS? Iraq. It's going to be a little hard for us to say, "Russia, go home" when Syria, Iraq, and Iran are all saying they want Russia to be there.

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