McCaskill on Clinton Trade Deal Flip-Flop: "Unfair" Treatment, Republicans Get Away With Flip-Flops All The Time


Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) appeared on MSNBC this morning to defend Hillary Clinton from criticism after she came out against the Trans-Pacific Partnership, calling the cover on Morning Joe "unfair and not balanced."

"I thought you were going to have me on to talk about Jeb Bush's flip-flop on immigration," McCaskill cracked.

McCaskill also said other Democratic candidates have changed their positions on issues, noting Bernie Sanders also "evolved" on guns.

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"I've been listening to you guys this morning," McCaskill said. "I think some of it has been unfair and not balanced and you look at Marco Rubio, you look at Jeb Bush and the changes in their position to twist and distort themselves to appeal to the same people who want to elect Donald Trump president. It's something to see. And I just don't hear enough talk about that."

"I just don't think to pick on her because she is now saying she doesn't think this is going to meet her high bar for various protections that she thinks needs to be in place," the Missouri Senator said. "She and I may disagree on it. I haven't decided yet. I voted for TPA; I haven't decided on TPP. But I really don't think that this is an indication that she is somehow unprincipled or weak. I think that's totally wrong."

McCaskill said just because Clinton helped shape the deal "in a different administration" as Secretary of State does not make her unable to give independent analysis.

"The notion that as the Secretary of State in a different administration that wanted to get a strong deal, that somehow that removes her ability to make an independent analysis as an independent candidate for president is just unfair," McCaskill said.

"This is not easy," McCaskill said about Clinton's run for president. "I wish we would have the same time to talk about the distortions and pretzel-like behavior from other candidates."

McCaskill encouraged Clinton to appear on Morning Joe but said it would be entering the "lion's den" for her.

"The other position doesn't have the opportunity to respond," McCaskill complained about the MSNBC program. "There aren't enough voices taking the counter position."

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