O'Reilly: Obama Admin's "Compassion For Criminals" Will Lead To More Violence


BILL O'REILLY: With the nation locked-in on the Oregon massacre last week, violence is once again a hot topic of conversation.

There is no question the USA is a violent country. Our freedom allows bad people to create criminal enterprises and also allows madmen opportunities to commit atrocious crimes.

Tough, smart policing and strict mandatory sentencing drove violent crime down in America after the drug-fueled crack carnage of the 1990s, which made cities like New York and Los Angeles exceedingly dangerous places.

Mayors like Rudy Giuliani and police commissioners like Bill Bratton put together anti-crime strategies that worked.

They were based on aggressive community policing and controversial tactics like stop-and-frisk.

Because many drug criminals worked the minority neighborhoods in big cities, prisons became filled with people of color, prompting the left to label the anti-crime initiatives as racist.

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