Krauthammer: Trump "Running A Campaign On Belief"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: That's the theme of his campaign: believe me. How you going to build a wall Believe me. I'll build it, I'll come in under budget, it will be a beautiful wall. It will come in at half of of what people say. China, I'll defeat China. How you going to do it? Believe me, I'll do it. America. I'm going to bring in the most jobs in the history of mankind. How you going to do it? Believe me.

He's running a campaign on belief and as you said in your question, a lot of it revolves around the fact that not just he's been a success in business, but he's been a personality on television for 14 years where the persona is a guy in charge, a guy in command, and it carried over into this campaign. That's why I think his numbers are high. I'm not sure that can actually last, but I've been wrong before about him.

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