O'Reilly on Oregon Shooting: "People Around The World Must Wonder What Is Really Going On"


BILL O'REILLY: Now this is another black mark for all Americans, as people around the world must wonder what is really going on in the land of the free.

And it is our freedom that allows insane individuals to kill so many people.

Guns are legal in America under the Second Amendment.

Tonight President Obama delivered impassioned anti-gun remarks, which we will discuss later.

But the mass murder today could not have been prevented by any legislation in my opinion.

Roseburg, Oregon is about as normal as it gets. A rural area that enjoys the stunning nature Oregon provides and a relatively simple lifestyle centered on family and community.

I worked in Oregon. I have visited Roseburg. It is a calm place. But it is also gun country, as hunting is big in the area and the rural setting. Means folks must protect themselves with firearms. Police protection is far away for many people.

As a journalist, it pains me to report stories like this because I know how much personal damage is caused to the people and families affected by murder.

The country itself takes a massive hit whenever this kind of thing happens.

Thirty-two people killed at Virginia Tech, 27 slain at Sandy Hook, 13 murdered at Fort Hood, 13 dead in Binghamton, New York, 12 murdered in Aurora, Colorado ... the same number at the Navy Yard in Washington.

Charleston, South Carolina just last June, nine shot dead in a church.

There is no rational explanation for all the carnage, none. And no public policy will stop it.

We are living in a dangerous time where deranged human beings feel murder is an entitlement.

But the situation has now reached the crisis stage, as America desperately searches for some kind of solution.

Tonight we'll examine the situation from a number of angles.

And that's the memo.

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