Obama on Gun Control: "Crackpot Conspiracy Theories" That This Is A Plot For Me To Take Over Forever


While talking about the Oregon community college shooting in a press conference on Friday, President Obama talked about "crackpot conspiracy theories" that he is plotting to use "gun-safety measures" to "stay in power forever."

"If we're going to do something about that, the politics has to change," Obama said of more stringent gun control laws. "The politics has to change. And the people who are troubled by this have to be as intense and organized and as adamant about this issue as folks on the other side, who are absolutists and think that any gun-safety measures are somehow an assault on freedom or communistic, or a plot by me to take over and stay in power forever or something."

"I mean there are all kinds of crackpot conspiracy theories that float around," Obama joked. "Some of which, by the way, are ratified by elected officials in the other party on occasion. So we've got to change the politics of this."

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