Obama: Assad "Worried More About Clinging To Power Than The State Of His Country"


At a press conference Friday afternoon, President Obama addressed the Russian airstrike against anti-Assad forces in Syria.

"This is not a conflict between the United States and any party in Syria," Obama said. "This is a conflict between the Syrian people and a brutal, ruthless, dictator. Point number two is that the reason Assad is still in power is because Russia and Iran have supported him throughout this process. And in that sense, what Russia's doing now is not particularly different from what they had been doing in the past. They're just more overt about it."

"They've been propping up a regime that is rejected by an overwhelming majority of the Syrian population," the president said. "Because they've seen that he's been willing to drop barrel bombs on children and on villages, indiscriminately, and has been more concerned about clinging to power than the state of his country."

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