Russian Military Releases Footage Of "ISIS Munitions Depot" Destroyed Last Night


The Russian state-owned English-language news station tweeted a link to this video which is supposed to show: "Russian anti-ISIS night-op reported to have taken out ISIS HQ in Syria."

RUSSIA TODAY: The footage shot by drones shows Russian airstrikes on ISIS infrastructure near Idlib and al-Latamna.

The bombing of the IS ammunition depot to the southwest of Idlib was carried out after confirmation from several intelligence channels, including air reconnaissance. The footage clearly shows a large area of impact, created partly by weapons catching fire after the strike.

The video also shows a solidly constructed, three-story concrete building lying in ruins after an SU-25 scored a direct hit with FAB-500 bombs. Nearby structures were not affected by the airstrike. The IS outpost was completely obliterated in the raid.

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