Sen. McCaskill: Hillary Clinton Is "Being Incredibly Transparent And Forthcoming"


ANDREA MITCHELL, MSNBC: Senator, with all due respect, isn't this a self-inflicted wound? It was a mistake. She acknowledges that. She should have had a government and a private system. She was doing national security communications, whether classified or not, at the time. On a private system that could be hacked with a server in her basement. And she's made herself vulnerable to these attacks.

SEN. CLAIRE MCCASKILL: That's why I give her credit for acknowledging she should have done it differently.

But look at the proportionality here.

This is -- the amount of time that is being spent on an issue where she is being incredibly transparent and forthcoming.

And by the way, somewhat sarcastically on the side, I think her server was the only one that was not hacked by the Chinese. So this notion that somehow she was doing this to jeopardize security of our country or that her motives were somehow not to do the best job she could for the United States of America, is just hogwash.

And it's time to begin to focus on the things that Americans are worrying about around their kitchen table.

How can we afford college? How can we retire and still pay our health care bills? These are the things that Hillary Clinton is providing substantive policy. And eventually, I know the American people are going to want everyone to start talking about that.

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