Krauthammer: "This Isn't About Russians Taking On ISIS; This Is About Russians Taking Over Syria"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: It was the Secretary of State who said the build up of the Russians in Syria was doomed to fail. Two weeks later we have not only accepted it, we welcome it as a fight against ISIS, and we concede essentially that Assad will stay under the protection of the Russians. And the irony is the Russians aren't in there to fight ISIS, the Russians are in there to support Assad, establish their predominance in the region, to bring in Iran, and to establish military facilities. They have no interest in fighting Assad. The Russians launched a half a dozen drones earlier this week over Idlib, western Hama and Latakia. And not in one of those areas is a single ISIS fighter. This isn't about the Russians taking on ISIS; this is about the Russians taking over Syria and keeping Assad as a client in place. That's what happened as the administration sputters because it has no idea what to do

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