FOX News: Teamsters Vote Unanimously To Withhold Endorsement, Want To Sit Down With Trump


FOX News' James Rosen reports the Teamsters, a powerful union, has unanimously decided to withhold their presidential endorsement until they sit down with Republican candidates and find out if Vice President Joe Biden will run.

"Tonight, FOX News has learned exclusively that the 26-member board decided unanimously to withhold a presidential endorsement at this time," Rosen said in a breaking news report. "Union sources said the move was driven by three motivations. First, as an intentional snub to Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton who last week opposed construction of the Keystone Pipeline."

"Second, the Teamsters want to know if Vice President Biden will jump into the race and union executives told me they want to sit down with Republican candidates, most notably frontrunner Donald Trump who has collaborated with unionized workforces across his real estate career," Rosen said.

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