Cecile Richards on Botched Abortion Survivors: "I Have Never Heard Of Such A Circumstance Happening"


At Tuesday's Congressional hearing on Planned Parenthood and abortion held by the House Committee on Oversight, Cecile Richards, president of the organization, said she has never heard of a child being born alive following a botched abortion.

The exchange between Cecile Richards and Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.):

REP. RON DeSANTIS: Ms. Richards, if a child survives an abortion attempt, should it be given nourishment and medical care?

CECILE RICHARDS, PLANNED PARENTHOOD: I've never heard of such a circumstance happening.

DeSANTIS: Really?

RICHARDS: Yes, I mean I --

DeSANTIS: So if it happened you would say --

RICHARDS: I can say at Planned Parenthood, I'm aware of no instance where -- we don't provide abortions after viability, so, in my experience at Planned Parenthood we haventt ever had that kind of circumstance.

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