Sen. Barbara Boxer on Carly Fiorina: "It's Terrible To See A Woman Attack Planned Parenthood"


Sen. Barbara Boxer tells NBC's Andrea Mitchell that she's disappointed with Carly Fiorina for not supporting Planned Parenthood, adding "she'll say almost anything to get elected."

MITCHELL: Now, Carly Fiorina ran against you for Senate. So obviously, there's a rivalry there. But what about the way she is using this issue and, so far, successfully, as she climbs in the polls?

BOXER: She's very fast and loose with the facts. This is one place. If you look at her explanation as to why she laid off 30,000 workers at HP, and she shipped so many thousands of jobs overseas, she'll say, oh, I created all these jobs, which were created because she did a merger with compact. So she's fast and loose with the facts.

Look, I beat her by ten points, a landslide, in a year that was horrific for Democrats. It wasn't because of me. I'd love to think it was. It was because the California people who had a chance to choose went with the person who told the truth versus a person who played fast and loose with the facts. And it's terrible to see a woman, the only woman running for president, attack Planned Parenthood that helps so many millions of women. It's a sad day, but it's the way it is. Not all women are going to fight for women. Carly Fiorina does not. She fights for herself and she'll say almost anything to get elected.

(via MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports)

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