Rep. Kevin McCarthy: In 1979 Carter Signed SALT II Treaty, It Wasn't Ratified, Reagan Ran Against It


Probable future House Speaker Kevin McCarthy talks to Hugh Hewitt about why foreign affairs need to be a top priority.

KM: Because I feel that we’re back to 1979, Hugh. Think about this. When was the last time we remember Americans being held hostage, that the Islamic fanatics overtook an embassy? It was ’79 in Iran, and they’re holding our hostages today.

When was the last time we watched the Soviet Union invade another country? Well, now we’ve got Russia invading Crimea and Ukraine.

When was the last time a U.S. ambassador was killed on foreign soil? That’s a direct reflection of the respect and fear that others have of our country.

In ’79 in Afghanistan and today, I mean, with Stevens in Libya. And think of this.

In ’79, Carter signed the SALT II treaty, but it wasn’t ratified, and Reagan ran against it. If this Iran deal was a treaty, it never would have been ratified. And all that paid off when ’79 changed in ten years – the Berlin Wall fell…

HH: It changed dramatically, dramatically.

KM: Yeah, because America led.

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