Planned Parenthood President: "We Look At How To Expand Into Areas Particularly Where There's Unmet Need"


At a Congressional hearing on the practices of Planned Parenthood Tuesday morning, president Cecile Richards explained the organization's decision making that goes into opening new clinics in neighborhoods in order to expand their reach.

"We don't profit," Richards said to Rep. Paul Gosar, who was questioning her at the time. "I don't actually look at how to profit. We do obviously look at how to expand into areas particularly where there's unmet need."

"So your market penetration in Arizona is different than your market penetration in New York state, would you say?" Gosar asked.

"I'm sure it is," Richards responded.

While Richards said the organization does not profit, she did admit that the organization takes in more than it spends. Richards said that is due to fundraising, something she spends "a lot of time doing."

"So we would agree that there is excess revenue over expenses?" Gosar asked.

"Correct," Richards acknowledged.

"So how do you explain that," Gosar inquired.

"It's from fundraising," Richards explained. "That's what I spend a lot of my time doing. There are areas of the country where we want to expand. To your question about if you only have one health center in the state and you think there is more need, so we are involved currently in raising money and spending money to open a new health center."

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