Samantha Power: Saudi Arabia Heading UN Human Rights Panel Is Only A "Procuedural Position"


Saudi Arabia, a country run for centuries by a ruthless criminal family masquerading as "royalty," where people are executed for witchcraft and women are not allowed to drive, is now a leading representative of the five-member UN Human Rights Council panel.

In 2013 there was outrage when Saudi Arabia was appointed a member of the Human Rights Council panel. Its other members include Algeria, Chile, Greece and Lithuania. But now, Saudi ambassador Faisal bin Hassan Trad heads the panel charge with investigating human rights abuses.

Saudi Arabia is currently engaged in funding guerilla proxy terrorist armies in Syria, Libya and Iraq and is conducting an extended bombing campaign in Yemen, the poorest country in the middle east.

MARTHA RADDATZ, ABC NEWS: Is this something you welcome? The State Dept. said this week they "welcome" the Saudis?

SAMANTHA POWER, US AMBASSADOR TO THE UNITED NATIONS: It is not going to have bearing on anything the United Nations does on any human rights issue.

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