"Morning Joe" Panel "Shocked" By Latest Democratic Poll: Hillary at 33%, Biden at 25%, Sanders at 24%


Wednesday's Morning Joe panel talks about the latest Bloomberg Politics shows a tightening Democratic race: Hillary Clinton is at 33 percent, while Vice President Joe Biden stands at 25 percent and Sen. Bernie Sanders is at 24 percent. Morning Joe contributor Mike Barnicle said there is a "concerted effort" by the Clinton campaign to keep Biden out of the race.

BARNICLE: There's a huge gap between the reality of what's in these e-mails -- we don't know -- and the perception of the e-mails themselves, which is devouring her candidacy. The perception around the e-mails is devouring her candidacy. That she can't seem to get ahead of it or get out from it. Again, the e-mails that are in contest, we don't know. We don't know what's in the e-mails, but we hear from any number of Democrats. I heard yesterday that Jerry Brown, governor of California, is considering entering the race because of the e-mail controversy. Because there are doubts about the strength of Hillary Clinton's candidacy.

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